Group Photograph

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  Group Photograph #SSIS16

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Suggestions From Prof. Shashank Mehta

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GROUP 1: Reducing the size of plate so that the impact gets stronger A single or multiple hammers that can hit the grooves filled with nuts. Avoid using pressure mechanism as it is used only for big industries Can try for vibration as the main concept of the device Brushing (like against a wire mesh) mechanism for shell removal. Avoiding any automation   GROUP 2 and 3: Plucker Make the Handle of less diameter and plucker part of big for good grip and easy handling. Make collector part short and use a rod (not a collector) as the...

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Suggestions from Tapan Parikh

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GROUP 1 Advised to build a device that is easy to connect with the larger masses. Opting for a mechanism similar to hammering. To make a single nut cracker machine : so that women can continue sitting together and enjoy their leisure time as traditionally practiced To make it cost & time efficient GROUP 2 & 3 Use of sharp cutter Grooves within the pipe to be made larger Reduce the grooves/cutters of the pipe to one Re-used PVC pipe can be utilised Develop a proper manual of how to use the device: use of pamphlets with pictorial...

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Load carrying: Design & insights from discussion

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This was based on modifications on previous design. The one by Sachin Panchal. PROS Corrects the issues prevalent in last design. ⦁ The wheels do not disturb the laborer. ⦁ Waist grab-to distribute load equally on waist ⦁ Belt to tighten load around ⦁ Shoulder beams to distribute load back and front ⦁ Adjustable head height for different heighted people ⦁ Extrusions to make sure that the weight doesn’t fall down. For balance. CONS ⦁ Too similar to the current design which is clearly not in use   This design has weight...

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Cactus fruit plucker: Design & Insights from discussion

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Design: Cactus fruit plucker   Insights from discussion Team: Pragati (Ganesh, Parul, Sarath, Shiyas Shubham, Shubhangi) Discussion with Kodar Patel Sir: Cactus fruit plucker: We explained our design ideas about cactus fruit plucker. Suggestions/ feedback given is as follows: Pipe opening in 90 degree bend should have cutting edge/ ring to stuck fruit inside. Outer sliding pipe should have collars to locate on the inner pipe. Suggestion to use pulling operation compared to twisting operation for ergonomic consideration and...

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