May 26, 2016

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संवेदना से सृजनशीलता by Prof. Anil Gupta

Summer school began with Prof. Anil Gupta sharing insights on innovation and explaining the real meaning of innovation.

Innovation means improvement and designs or structures or building out something new


Three factors through which the innovations are born are:

Material invention of new type of raw material gives birth to innovation


Application: material made by previous or traditional known method but applied for something anew can give out a innovation.
Example: coumpound – salicylic acid made from same method but applied for purification of blood (that is Aspirin)


Any combination of the given three can give a completely novel product that can be tagged as innovation.

The 4A concept
a good innovation is always
ACCESSIBLE : that fits well in the society.
ADAPTABLE : that has a scope for encompassing the modification
AFFORDABLE : should be economically feasible.
AVAILABLE : that fulfils the supply – demand chain

prof believes in linking up personalised examples to the concepts like 4A’s and 4R’s for thorough learning.
and idea should be re-find by analysing the life cycle of the entire journey that it has to carry on.
innovation should be free from all the negative externalities and should be beneficial for the larger masses
it should cater to develope (uncover) the constrains on the people deprived rather than enveloping them.
seeing someone helpless, a feeling of samvedana urges one to follow and unconventional path or creativity to solve the unmet needs. this creativity is what is known as srujansheelta.
So the motto of smvedna se srujansheelta should always follow for any innovation.

samnvedna se srijansheelta

and the output achieved is self satisfaction or inner happiness ( svatah sukhay)
So innovate for svata sukhay

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