Jun 18, 2014

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Day 1@workshop-

Today,we started our work in SRISTI and I did some pending work which was supposed to be done earlier. There we had a detailed discussion with Chetan sir regarding problems of Bullet Santi. He asked us to implement the ideas generated to solve the balancing and handling problems in Santi. So we decided to work on the old model of Santi that was present in SRISTI as there was no possibility of arrangement of new model at that time. Then, we discussed our plan with Hiranmay sir and he asked us to start the work from today only and the location  for our work was workshop of LJ college.A tempo was arranged to take Bullet Santi to the workshop and  lot of people  got involved in loading the Santi into the tempo and i found it very difficult as it was so heavy. We reached there and started our work.WP_20140618_13_10_38_Pro WP_20140618_13_10_25_Pro

It took a lot of effort to remove every single nut/bolt as it is an old model and all parts had rusted. But some how we managed to open all the nuts and bolts from its rear wheels. Then we switched to the front wheel as we couldn’t open the drums of rear wheel because of rusting. After removing the front wheel we found that the brake pads were in extremely poor condition. Then we drained the engine oil and found that oil and filter needed to be replaced.After that we prepared a list of our requirements for the next day. This way our day ended and we had our meal at Dominoz and proceeded to our room.


In the discussion with Chetan sir,we decided to introduce a steering wheel to tackle the problem of handling. So,is it going to be efficient.If yes,which steering mechanism should we use??

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