Jun 12, 2014

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design thinking !

Day 3,june 12th


This day was little relaxing. Work load was little less as compared to the other 2 days we spent.

But we had some more papers and presentations to look upon so again we took our laptops and started refering them. The day seemed to be so long till 5pm.we skipped our breakfast as well as lunch due to laziness that costed big. After 5 pm we received a mail from our coordinator adhish to reach ACPC.

We rushed towards acpc but meanwhile we were hungry also.  After reaching we found that adhish will take little more time to come so we went outside in search of street food. In 15 mins we were called by our collegues and meeting started. There was something new planned for us this time.

The topic was design thinking. We were asked about the non useful things in our house. And the topic to be discussed come out to be “Wrist watch”. Then we were sent to a small survey in groups to the outsiders to ask about the features of wrist watches so that we can think about them for further enhancement. Survey was quite interesting and I really enjoyed asking youngsters and got to know many more things.


After that we had a brief discussion and it was concluded with the question “how this survey can be useful for our project BULLET SANTI”??

Then for dinner we went to iim. It was too late already and was difficult for 3 girls to go alone to our rooms. Till 11.30 pm also movie was left. We called boys from their rooms and they travelled 4 kms for us to escort us to our rooms. The whole evening was as much exiting as the day was boring. It ended with a new experience.

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