Jun 19, 2014

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Day 2@workshop

Today, we were ¬†accompanied by the girls to the workshop as they were keen to work on the Santi. On reaching the workshop, we found that other members of our team were already working on Santi. They had opened up the jammed drum from rear wheel that we couldn’t open yesterday and had also removed the air filter and were trying to open the clutch casing.I helped them in opening the nut bolts of clutch casing, but it took a lot of effort in opening even a single bolt.So the plan of opening the gear box was dropped as there were so many nuts. We changed the clutch wire and cleaned the casing. The job of filing the rusty brake drums was done girls.


While we were busy in putting back the rear wheels, Priyash and Pranjal went to market to purchase the required items. After that we changed the cables and one of the faculty of LJ college suggested us to use the front wheel of dirt bike which could solve the problem of handling in Santi. I had a discussion regarding the front wheel with our team members and asked them about its feasibility. After all this discussion we ended our work and proceeded towards our room.

Today we were suggested an idea of using Dirt bike’s front wheel.Is it possible to replace the front wheel with that of Dirt bike??

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