Jun 14, 2014

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“OUR” bullet santi

Day 05

Another morning with a tight schedule. Everyone gathered at SRISTI. As the “Bullet Santi” had been brought to SRISTI there were many students, who were not on yesterday’s trip were there having a look on the machine as soon as I walked in I joined them too. Then we had a brief session with Chetan Sir about problems we discovered yesterday….

DSC_0203_-_Copy[1]    DSC_0202

Then everyone started giving there ideas in order to improve the BULLET SANTI. The problem in steering was at top priority as it was being faced in every model of “Bullet Santi”. Many ideas came up regarding to the steering and were debated. There were also many ideas regarding to hydraulics in the Santi and the systems which by which it was used in previous models. Everyone had a long discussion over it…

10419636_802461776444419_661991249746989095_n            DSC_0211

Then we prepared a questionnaire which was to be asked to the farmer who use “Bullet Santi” and for the fabricators of the “Bullet Santi”. Chetan Sir told us tomorrow’s schedule and we left……

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