Jun 20, 2014

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Day 3@workshop

Today,we reached workshop on time for the first time and our team member Nausheen accompanied us to workshop after 2 days as she was not well from past 2 days. There our team members of Lj college explained us about the mechanism of Draft control that we were thinking to implement in Santi.The implementation of draft control was not possible as it was very complex and would raise the cost of Santi and its maintenance is high.Girls involved themselves and did a great job and helped us a lot in opening many nuts and also cleaned up many parts of Santi.Meanwhile few members of our team took the brake drums to the lathe to make its surface rough by removing rust.After that we started putting brake pads back into the drums and it was actually very difficult to put it back.But some how we managed to put it back.


After this,the main problem arised-putting back the rear wheel tyres.It took a lot of effort to fit back one of the rear wheel tyre.I became impatient and started hammering the bolts of wheel.It took more than half an hour just to put the rear wheel into the bolts properly.After reasswmbling santi we flushed the engine and dried it with the help of a blower.After few minutes,we poured the engine oil and started its engine.I was the first to test drive it and drove it safely this time.Turning and handling were the main problem.

We were thiking of implementing draft control in Bullet Santi. Will the introduction of Draft Control in Bullet Santi prove to be cost efficientful and fruitful??

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