Jun 28, 2014

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A learning experience !

afternoon of 27th june:

Since we had been encountering new design problems with our dear BULLET SANTI. Mahanta sir came to our rescue and organized a meeting with Asst. Prof. Bhaskar Bhatt (PGDPD) of IIT GANDHINAGAR.
Chetan sir, Mahanta sir and Adhish sir accompanied us for this meeting.

The meeting started with Chetan sir’s long introduction of BULLET SHANTI comprising how bullet santi was first made by Mansuk bhai in 1994, its very stable and low profile image till early 2000, how demand of bullet santi grew around 2004 and improvements done in the model of bullet shanti over the past 20 years through which it has finally reached its 12th model. Why is the bullet used exclusively for BT cotton. And most importantly how division of large farms into small fields make it more important for farmers to shift from tractors/mini tractors to bullet santi.

The introduction was followed by a power point presentation by Priyash, which included all the problems faced by the farmers, fabricator while using bullet santi, the proposed solution, the new ideas that have already been implemented and the future strategies for making bullet santi more farmer fiendly.

After being briefed about the project Prof. Bhatt put light on the new ways in which we could approach our project. Explaining us the 3 dimensions behind every innovation:
1. feasibility
2. desirability
3. viability

which was followed by the AEIOU ETHNOGRAPHY model
AEIOU stands for 5 elements to be coded: Activity, Environment, Interaction, Object, and User.

Activities- are goal-directed sets of actions—paths towards things people want to accomplish. What are the modes people work in, and the specific activities and processes they go through?

Environments- include the entire arena where activities take place. What is the character and function of the space overall, of each individual’s spaces, and of shared spaces?

Interactions- are between a person and someone or something else; they are the building blocks of activities. What is the nature of routine and special interactions between people, between people and objects in their environment, and across distances?

Objects- are building blocks of the environment, key elements sometimes put to complex or unintended uses (thus changing their function, meaning and context). What are the objects and devices people have in their environments and how do they relate to their activities?

Users- are the people whose behaviors, preferences, and needs are being observed. Who is there? What are their roles and relationships? What are their values and prejudices?

Prof. Bhatt also told the team to prioritize the issues of bullet santi. Focusing more on the issues that involve human safety. Followed by the issue of cost effectiveness of the bullet since the initiation of the bullet was to help the farmer find a cheaper alternative than the tractor and the bulls. And in the end, focus on making a bullet compatible for soil hardness of different countries.

Prof. Bhatt also shared his experience as an IIT professor with the team and also gave them an opportunity to have a look at his on going projects. This trip to IIT GANDHINAGAR proved to be a great learning experience for the team all thanks to Prof. Bhatt for spending his precious time with the bullet santi team.

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