Jun 11, 2014

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A day spent at NIF….

Day 4: June 11

This day was special for me because I got the chance to show my real mechanical skills and knowledge to all my colleagues. I got to teach all of them some basic terminologies and parts of automobiles. After lunch we all went to IIM to meet Hiranmay sir and then our team drove towards the head office of NIF, Ahmedabad where we met Mahesh sir, chairman, GIAN.

He had a nice discussion with our team and Devak presented some really nice explanation as to how to standardise Bullet Santi. All of us then headed towards other house of our coordinator Adhish Patel,, ACPC lab @ L D  College of Engineering . We all framed out the minutes of the meeting and also discussed among us about all the modifications, shortcomings and proposed changes to our new model. The meeting concluded as always with some wise words of Hiranmay sir and we left for our residence.

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