May 25, 2016

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About Honeybee network and SRISTI by Mr. Ramesh Patel

Mr. Ramesh Patel, secretary of SRISTI, took this session to introduce participants to the work done by SRISTI. He began by asking participants what they know about SRISTI. For further clarity he began with two instances in life of Prof. Gupta which influenced him to work in this direction. He said that Prof. Gupta used to work in a bank before working as a professor in IIM-A. While working he met with a person who had a very good business plan but he did not have any property to lien and so he was not granted a loan.
In the other instance he was working with farmers in Bangladesh where he saw that poor villagers could survive only because of traditional knowledge they possessed. He then thought that why should people possessing traditional knowledge live in poverty. Also with death of every village elder possessing traditional knowledge there was a loss in traditional knowledge So a need to identify and document these traditional knowledge was required, So in 1988 Prof. started this work in the name of Honeybee Network. He then stated how the following important events took place:

Work started by Honeybee network in 1989: He talked about the Prof. Gupta’s initiative and collaboration with Gram vidyapeeth. He stressed that Honeybee network is not an organisation but a philosophy.

Foundation of SRISTI in 1993: Talking about SRISTI he said that as opposed to other organisation where the organisation is set up first, funds are collected and then work begins in  SRISTI the work began first and then an organisation was set up to continue with the work. To summarise SRISTI’s work in one sentence he said that it is collection of traditional knowledge and identifying grassroot innovations.

Foundation of GIAN in 1997:  In 1997 they an international conference was organised and it was realised that there is a need to set up an organisation which works with entrepreneurs to help disperse traditional knowledge among masses and GIAN was founded for fulfilling this purpose.

Foundation of NIF in 2000 and its work.

After this he very briefly stated different work undertaken by SRISTI. He talked about Shodyatra, Saatvik food festival, SRISTI’s various publications and SRISTI Samman. More about SRISTI was told by Mr. Chetan Patel after Prof. Shahank Mehta’s interaction with participants.


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