Jun 16, 2014

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Amreli field visit

Today,we were supposed to wake up early in the morning as a visit to Amreli was organised for us by Chetan sir.The reason behind that visit was to have a better understanding about the Bullet Santi and the problems faced by farmers in using santi.On the way,I saw a lot of people using bullet santi for transportation.After a journey of almost 5 hours that contained a lot of giggles and photoshoots,we reached Amreli.



Our first hault was Ronak bhai’s workshop where I got to see many 4 wheel santi as he presently manufactures 4 wheel santi.He showed us different parts that they are using in santi nowadays and also the whole assembly of the santi viz. engine,gearbox and final drive.



After collecting all the information provided by them,we were divided into teams and went to different farmers.I got the chance to meet the farmers using 4 wheeler santi. I along with Utshah and Sagar asked many questions to farmers regarding santi’s maintenance,fuel efficiency,handling,problems faced by them etc. After fetching all the information we could have,we went to Ronak bhai’s house for the lunch where we were served with the delicious Gujarati food.

We went to many workshops and met many fabricators on our way.There was a workshop of Rajeev bhai,where we discussed about many mechanical aspects of santi and hydraulic system that is used in santi with 10 HP engine.I along with our team members took a drive on 3 wheel santi and examined that problem of handling is still there in latest models. Rajeev bhai was mainly concerned about the permit to santi by RTO. After all the discussions we finally began our return journey.

The main problems that need  to be encountered first are santi’s handling and its permit by the RTO. So,any suggestions,that how can we solve these problems??




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