Jun 20, 2014

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Day started with nice comfortable traveling experience in BRTS. In the workshop today all the participants gathered and the guys from L J college gave some detailed description about draft control which we were planning to instal in our model of “Bullet Santi”. We had discussion on various topics and after that we started working on the Santi. Girls got their hands dirty and opened up many nuts and bolts. They got all the brake shoes out so that we could replace them. Few of our friends left to buys some spare parts and to get some lathe work done on the drums of wheels.


I started surfing on web to find out quotation on Dirt Bike’s wheel. Will it work for easing the handling in Santi as we planned or not???

When the guys returned with the spares, we started to fix them. We had some difficulty putting the real wheels back on. After fixing all the parts we flushed the engine then used air blower to make it dry. After pouring the engine oil the started the engine which seemed quite well. Few of us drove it and found that handling was just a little easier than our previous experience.


So we planned to put a steering wheel on it after taking another test drive with a plough tomorrow. Will it solve our handling issue or not…..???


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