Jun 10, 2014

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Be inquistive

An insightful lecture was given by Prof. Gupta at IIM. It was enlightening to know the whole process of innovation. He gave the basic definition of innovation as,if anything is new among method, material and application it will be called as innovation.

This explanation was very appealing to me. He explained the journey of Santi and problems faced by fabricators. A presentation was given by Mr. Chintan on diffusion of Bullet Santi to various parts of Gujarat and India.

To let us understand the basic concept of Santi he used many examples. He gave us a road map of how to work in this summer school.

He concluded on a firm note of ignorance being a boon. Our ignorance leads to curiosity as we have no previous understanding of concepts. So asking question is a good thing always! Be inquisitive!

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