Jun 22, 2015

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Broom Making Problems: Naroda Area

-By Rohit Harip

Broom Making:

Problem to be addressed : Beating of the broom to increase productivity.

This concept basically works on the concept of a Cam Shaft but the productivity is very low or the same and will not be of much use and will be expensive as compared to the output.
Concept 2-



This concept was inspired by the hand pump which the villagers use in India and also the hand press torch.
This idea will need a heavy flywheel, will be able to beat the broom also and at the same time generate electricity and will be very useful for them. But it will be extremely expensive and won’t fulfil their requirement of increasing the productivity of beating of the broom.
Also it will be very heavy for them to carry anywhere while travelling.


Concept 3-



These concepts are the basic concepts of how the final machine will be and how it will increase the productivity.
Bicycles are available everywhere and are used by everyone. This mechanism will help these guys repair the machine even if it fails to work properly anywhere.



3D View-




Final Concept-



Material – This will be made out of a scrap bicycle as the cost would be extremely low and can be reused properly. Some components will be bought separately.
Planning of fabrication – The whole bicycle will be cut into pieces according to the needs (measurements have been taking already) and hence no part will be cut less or more. All the extra parts will be added accordingly.
The assembly will start from the wheel and the pedal. Once they are aligned and fixed, the fixtures for brooms will be given. After that the tools will be placed and fixed. After all of this is done, the seat and the handle will be added.
Estimated Cost : Scrap bicycle – One Thousand Rupees (approx.)
Other spare parts – 800 rupees
Fabrication and Labour charges – 700 rupees
Total – 2500/-
Feedback – The product as it stands seems to produce only one type of product. Other types of smaller brooms could be produced on the same equipment, But will be productive. We had made a prototype earlier, why was it not used by people? Did we ask the users or did we again give it to them to use. Unless we find out these answers it will be difficult to develop another solution.

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