Bullet Santi by Hasmukhbhai Chauhan


1. Much less weight as compared to other models i.e.280 Kg.

2. Gearbox of Maruti 800 (1-2-3-4&Reverse) coupled with a propeller shaft.

3. Auto rickshaw (Brand: GC 1000 or Atul Shakti) spring suspension which further decreases maintenance as compared to telescopic suspension.

4. Hydraulic pump, which is used has the capacity of lifting 2 tons, Lorven control valve.

5. Uses a different kind of suspension that is used in auto rickshaws. Modification at the point of origin of gear shaft.



1. Low power as compared to first model i.e7.5hp Greaves engine, 3600 RPM.

2. No proper silencer, extension of engine exhaust is given by using a simple pipe.

3. No wheel track adjustment.

4. No ground clearance adjuster.