Bullet Santi by Mansukhbhai Jagani


1. Bullet Santi is cost effective as compared to tractor.

2. Gross vehicle weight of Santiis approximately 380kg, which is less than the weight of mini tractor.

3. Use of Telescopic suspension in Santihas higher shock absorbing capacity.

4. Usage of hydraulic in Santiwill reduce effort. 5. Arrangement of power take off shaft.


1. M.S chassis, it corrodes easily. It is of a weak material as compared to Cast Iron.

2. Use of Ambassador differential, which increases weight of Santi.

3. Use of 10.5hp stationary engine causes problem of vibration.

4. Telescopic suspension increases the maintenance cost, while working in marshy land.

5. No proper silencer, extension of engine exhaust is given by using a simple pipe.

6. 5L self made oil tank which is not up to the mark