Jun 13, 2014

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Bullet Santi

Bullet Santi

Bullet santi is a motorcycle driven motor vehicle. It is an attachment which converts a motorcycle into a mini-tractor. It can be attached to any motorcycle havingat least 325 CC(6.5 hp) engine. Rear wheel of the motorcycle has to be removed and innovative assembly unit has to be attached to motorcycle.
Various agriculture attachments can be attached to it for various form of operations like shallow ploughing,inter-culturing,weeding,sowing etc.
Frequent famines in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat had made the farmers to think of an alternative to the traditional bullock for agricultural operations. The farmers often found it difficult to provide fodder to these animals during famines.Also,farm labourers were migrating to the cities making it difficult for the farmers get good hands to harness the bullocks and plough the fields.
The basic features of bullet santi are-

1) Smaller than tiller/tractor but stronger than draft animals.
2) Stronger, cheaper and more reliable than bullocks
3) Has a detachable system and can attach variety of tools and implements. Hence it is easy to dismantle and can be again used as a regular motorcycle.
4) Fast farm operations.
5) Affordable and low maintenance
6) Average field capacity (coverage) is 4 acres/hr and average fuel consumption is 0.5 lit/hr
7) It prevents soil compaction
8) Plough lifting mechanism and reverse gear facilities’ facilitates field operations
9) Distance between rear wheels can be adjusted as per the crop spacing
10) Avoids permanent and large investment.

Bullet santi is running successfully in Gujarat and some parts of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh since past 20 years.However,it has scope of technical improvement.Studies are going on in this direction and a better model is soon expected.

Bullet SANTI

Sanedo Diffusion

Santi full specification

Pictorial Summary of Performance 

  1. Good innovation for small farmer

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