Jun 1, 2016

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Cactus fruit plucker: Design & Insights from discussion

Design: Cactus fruit plucker

Fruit plucker design_2
thorn remover_designs

Fruit plucker_design1
Fruit plucker_designs


Insights from discussion

Team: Pragati
(Ganesh, Parul, Sarath, Shiyas Shubham, Shubhangi)

Discussion with Kodar Patel Sir:
Cactus fruit plucker:

We explained our design ideas about cactus fruit plucker. Suggestions/ feedback given is as follows:
Pipe opening in 90 degree bend should have cutting edge/ ring to stuck fruit inside.
Outer sliding pipe should have collars to locate on the inner pipe.
Suggestion to use pulling operation compared to twisting operation for ergonomic consideration and fatigue.
Cactus fruit processing:
Find parameters of fruit dimensions (min-max) such as-fruit size (length, diameter), stem size, fruit covering thickness.
Suggestion to use mesh inside a metal box to remove thorns on the fruit.
Suggestion about use of circular box with cutters inside to peel the fruit.
Improvements suggested on the idea of removing pulp from the fruit directly without peeling the fruit.
Mesh type shaker machines for removing thorns on the fruits. An idea of using brushes for removing thorns appeared during the discussion.
Suggested to try peeling a few fruits with lathe type turning idea and then proceed for mechanism.
Discussion with Sachin Panchal Sir:
Cost effectiveness is major concern for our design hence the discussion was based majorly about material selection for design and availability of readily available components.
Material of the pipe of the fruit pluckier could be made from:
1. Aluminium sheet metal: as it is light in weight-very useful for our prototype. It could also be cost effective.
2. UPVC: this is thicker and heavier than regular PVC material
3. PVC
4. Plastic pipe: as it corrosion resistant, lighter in weight then aluminium sheet, more cost effective then aluminium sheet, but it may not be strong enough.
Mr. Panchal also gave us insights on material to be used for scooping the pulp out of the fruit.
1. He suggested using a 10mm metal scoop of “J” shaped.
2. Even plastic could be used as a scooping device material to remove pulp from the fruit.

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