Jun 22, 2014

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on-flield handling and control

Challenges that I observed on field…

  • Its very hard to handle the “Bullet Santi”.
  • “Bullet Santi” is not stable, Stability of the vehicle is a serious issue.
  • Finding the center of mass of the vehicle is also a big challenge, So that we can design a new stable and safe model.
  • Standardization of vehicle have also been a issue for ever.
  • Availability of spare parts in the market.
  • To reduce vibrations caused by the stationary engine which is used in :Bullet Santi”.
  • Ignition by pull needs strength and sometimes it hurts the user.
  • Fabrication is dependent on the scrap market.
  • Design of the vehicle and chassis.
  • To find or fabricate a standard gearbox for it.
  • An efficient plough which breaks less and gives maximum output without any loss of energy.
  • Introduce an steering wheel in 3 wheel model to improve handling.
  • Introducing depth and draft control in the vehicle with minimum price hike.
  • Reducing the length of the vehicle.
  • Fabricating  a casting or body for the vehicle, by which there will be no need of chassis.
  • Ending the need of putting weight on plough during various farming operations.
  • Reducing loss of energy of vehicle.
  • Avoid breakage of axle, differential, clutch plate, gearbox etc.
  • Avoid breakage of implements which are used in various farming operations.



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