May 24, 2016

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Children workshop – Gulbaitekra and Jivan sandhya vrudhashram

Children workshop – Group 4

Day 1

Fieldvisit 1 : We were taken to GULBAI TEKRA, a slum in Ahmedabad. We visited Gulbaitekra ( Hollywood Slum) as first field visit yesterday. 4.1We had got the opportunity to interact with the people making sculptures and got to know their day to day life and problems involved with it. The main occupation of this place is statue making, mostly Ganpati. This place consists of 1000 houses in total, with majority into statue making and contract labour as side occupation. They need to buy POP which is of 300rps weighs 30 kg and haystacks made out of coconut peels which cost 2000Rs for 25-30 kgs. One way of lowering the cost would be produce haystacks from old coconut thrown out as waste. Only one line of houses get the direct supply water while other houses has to depend on rain or else government water which is mostly paid.


Majority of sculptures involve the use of plaster of paris. Plaster of Paris is very beneficial as they already have the mold with them. They don’t need to form shape via hand. Large number of sculptures can be made using Plaster of Paris in very less day compared to the one made with clay.4.2 But, with the government banning the use of Plaster of Paris due to environmental reasons they have to shift to clay. The major problem with clay is that giving shape to clay sculptures is really very difficult as it gets dismantled many a times during the process. The cost of raw materials for clay structures is also high. Therefore there is a growing need of skill training for making clay structures. There is hardly one or two toilets for the whole slum which is really a very huge problem. Use of portable toilets should be used as it will lead to increased cleanliness and less chances of catching diseases. Most of the sculptures made are sold to middleman which are then sold to customers. In this process middleman gets the maximum profit and the people making sculptures had to live with less money. Many a times their sculptures doesn’t get sold leaving them with no option other than to carry it back to their home and modifying it and trying to sell it next year. Unsold sculptures leads to heavy loss of money and ultimately  to a huge amount of debt.

Following are the problems faced by the slum dwellers.

  1. Sanitation.
  2. No alternative for fuel.
  3. No stable water supply facility.
  4. Inefficiency while creating statues.
  5. No marketing strategy for selling of the final products.
  6. No protected storage.
  7. Lack of nutrition.

Field Visit 2: Our second visit was to VRIDHASHRAM (old age home) at Naranpura, Ahmedabad.

Now for old age house they had a place for handloom where they make mops out of cotton through weaving. They had a machine for weaving in which there was a sliding bar which the man had to continuously shift from left to right and vice a versa which might take a lot of time and 4.3also cause a spine problem to the men. Also the man had a plane bench to sit on which might also cause a back pain to improve this machinery there should be a adjustable seat and a pump while the man kicks the paddle which will the sliding bar to the other side. Most of the people had all the major facilities but craved for love. One possible solution which came to my mind was the construction of orphanage adjacent to old age home. 4.4This would result in positive thinking and a very nice environment for the growth both group of people. The people using handloom has back problem so a better design of handloom can be designed such that it would lead to less muscular problems. Parents should be treated with respect and never should be left. They should not be seen as money minting machines . In old age they need the help of child just like child needed the help of them during their childhood.

After both field visits we had group discussion children were thinking and trying to note down every point.

Day 2.

8 am to 2.30 pm.

After the field visit, the kids had a brainstorming session where they shared their learning experience and problems with fellow mates. After the session we asked them to express their idea on pen and paper. The result was astonishing, even the kids of lower age group came up with ground-breaking ideas. We helped them by clearing all their doubts and confusion they had about the ideas. And later we finalized the ideas for the presentation.



OBSERVATION 1: (old age home at the handloom) the men working on the loom faced difficulty and took long time in counting and inserting threads to fix the loom; which lead to mistakes and lead to waste product Also, the inserting of the weft yarns could be done more effectively by using magnets on both sides for attraction and repulsion on both sides

OBSERVATION 2 (HOLLYWOOD BASTI):  Establishment of solar power induction stoves to save wood and to reduce emission of hazardous gases

OBSERVATION 3: To use cycle to take out water from the well

4.6   4.5



OBSERVATION: (at Hollywood basti ) difficulty and time consumption in making clay statues which are not durable.

SOLUTION: We can create a 3d moulding kit of various parts used in a single statue , the mould could be made from polyester (cheap and durable)



CLASS 10OBSERVATION: She observed lack of education in the community who were unable to solve  their own problems; while the grownups were not aware if their kids are educated at all

SOLUTION: To provide mobile education (school built in a bus  to the people of the community to spread awareness via NGOs like SMILE Team in Ahmedabad)




OBSERVATION: Lack of any sanitation facilities in the community t hollywood basti Solution .

SOLUTION: Portable (mobile) toilets with a call service




OBSERVATION 1: Nobody empties the filled dustbin; (hollywood basti)

Solution : To put a sensor with an annoying sound once the dustbin is filled

OBSERVATION 2: Water logging due to uneven roads, causing water borne diseases like malaria

Solution: To make a  even road




OBSERVATION : No segregation of waste that is dumped

Solution:  Have two dustbins with lights with batteries for biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste




OBSERVATION: No water supply of water at the venue

Solution: To make a portable water carrying container to carry water from one place to another easily




OBSERVATION 1: Scarcity of water

SOLUTION: Sensor based rain water saving with a semi permeable membrane , the pores on the membrane will open occasionally when it rains

OBSERVATION 2: Difficulty in transportation of clay statues Solution To make a container for the transportation of giant statues




OBSERVATION: Difficulty for old people to climb stairs

SOLUTION: Design a wheel chair with a conveyer belt to climb stairs




OBSERVATION: Spilling of garbage around the dustbin

Solution: To create sensor based dust-bins which will signal the spill of garbage around a decided radius




OBSERVATION: Water scarcity

SOLUTION: Use of a tank for rain water harvesting


2.30 pm.

Mr. Anil Gupta gave the kids a task to discuss together and come up with a solution in general. For the next half an hour, the kids pondered every single aspect of their ideas and started working to build something together. After half an hour, they came up with a solution together to rectify the problem. They explained their drawings and ideas to the other groups. There was a question answer round, where the students were asked questions which they answered effectively.

5 pm.

Then the distribution of certificate was going on for kids and their teachers. The teacheres over their expressed their views and feelings. They said that this workshop really ashtonished them as they realized that their students were so creative mind. They also said few words for Anil sir too.

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