Jun 6, 2015

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Crafting Solutions

-By Mansi Singh

PRESENTATION OF IDEAS –CHILDREN WORKSHOP                                                                               


GROUP 1- Jamalpura :

  • Problem:  Road was being constructed near kabaddi stadium. Labourers picked the tar coal vessel with hand and put it in the bulldozer.

o   Solution: Adjustable wheel barrow model. The front phase opens like slope and it had a wiper which was used to put tarcoal in the barrow. While taking out tar coal, the door opened like a slope. (Afvan)

  • Problem : Water was not available in the community. They had to bring from across the highway.

o   Solution: Put filter at the main source  and bring the water via pipe.

  • Problem: Solid waste management was not proper

o   Solution : Use the waste for in biogas plant.

  • Problem:  Broom makers have scars and cuts on their hand due to using aluminised wires for brooms. They said wire cutting tool reduces their efficiency.

o   Solution: Not suggested.

GROUP 2- Makarba and Fatehwadi:

  • Problem: Fatigue caused by manual powering of potter’s wheel.

o   Solution: Pedal Powered potter’s wheel (Kush)

  • Problem: Back and hand pain caused due to use of thapa for shaping of pots.

o   Solution: Just like leg movement powered tailoring machine, potter can use the tailor machine with stick of machine attached with thapa  and thus moving the pot in circular motion with the help of leg movement and shaping it.( Kush)

  • Problem: Time and efforts  to reduce soil cleaning process.

o   Solution: Use multi level sieve filtration.

  • Problem: To soften the mud for pot making.

o   Solution: Electric machine which raises the mud high and water is sprinkled on it to soften it.(Sanjay)

GROUP3, Naroda Phatak:

  • Problem: Pain in hands and shoulder by constant beating of broom on nails to make finer leaves.

o   Solution: Use a drum and cover it nails  and attach a pedal to it. Above a handle is there which can hold around 3 brooms. So when we move the pedal , leaves separate out and efficiency increases.(Vishal)

  • Problem: No opportunity of education for those kids.

o   Solution: Mobile Bus-“ If you can’t come to school , school will come to you”. It ahs all the basic facilities like benches , blackboards, books, etc. (Manan)

  • Problem:  Waste of date leaves not utilised.

o   Solution: Leaves waste can be kept in a box a and after processing , the palm fibres can be turned into sheets. (Rinku Rajpal)

  • Problem: They fetch water from a distance by carrying vessels on their heads.

o   Solution: Designed a trolley with wheels and rope, which hold the vessel, thus making transport easy.(Swapneel)

  • Problem: Beating of broom on nails is tiresome.

o   Solution: Designed a electricity/ and pedal  rickshaw run machine consisting of drums having nails. (Shailesh)

  • Problem: Beating of broom on nails .

o   Solution: Use cycle tyre. Both the tyres had nails and axle of both the tyres was attached to the pedal through chains. So two  brooms leaves can be separated out at a time.(Nathu Bhai)

GROUP 4,Pirana Village:

  • Problem: No proper platform for people who are willing to learn some skills.

o   Solution: Connect with some NGOS who can help to provide vocational training.

  • Problem: No dustbin in the village.(Gulnaaz)

o   Solution: Install separate dustbin for dry and wet waste so that dry waste can be recycled. (Dasrath)

  • Problem: Water pipe was broken so water was being wasted.

o   Solution: Below the pipe install a semi-circular cup with pipe below so that water from the broken area can go through the pipe and collected underground.(Mamta)

GROUP5, Lal Drawaza, Ganesh Mandir , Hollywood Basti:

  • Problem: The hawkers were standing the entire day in front of their stalls. This could be tiresome.

o   Solution: Design a cart which had a attached movable stool for sitting.(Raju)

  • Problem:  Kids sell key chains hanging in hangers by carrying it to different places.

o   Solution: Designed a bag with hooks to hang key chains and a cover to protect it. It would be convenient to carry.(Shubh)


  • Problem: Kids don’t have proper school.

o   Solution: Designed a educational watch. It had screen on both sides- one for Gujarati and another for English. It had a button for numbers  and alphabets. It even had a button for audio teaching.(Ashana)

  • Observation: Some kids have great talent like Salim who sings incredibly. (Shiavni)
  • Problem: Rain water is wasted.

o   Solution: System for rain water harvesting.

  • Problem: Electric meters  are below so can be dangerous especially during rains.

o   Solution: Designed a covered electric meter.





GROUP 5, Lal Darwaza :

  • Problem: No protection of stalls from rain.

o   Solution: Designed a cart with compressible roof which can be closed during rains.(Shirin)

  • Problem: Had to carry the fish containing box by hand.

o   Solution: Install wheels in fish box.

  • Observation: When asked a lady working at dumping yard about her problem, she replied that we should try to ask the process and not the problems.

GROUP4, Slum Near Gyaspur Village:

  • Problem: No proper education for youger kids.

o   Solution: Build a Aganwadi for small kids.(Vishal)

  • Problem: Women used to collect deodorant bottles and remove the caps with stones. When they remove the cap gas comes out and continuous usage of stone is strenuous. The collect the metal body and sell it.

o   Solution: Design a metal cutter which is cost effective and reduces efforts.

  • Problem: No proper house structures. The houses are not strong enough to withstand storm.

o   Solution: Designed a foldable house which is easy to manage during rains and storm. It can be used for sitting when folded.( Manan)

  • Problem: No toilets in the community.

o   Solution: Community can build a common toilet together and municipality can help in laying sewer lines.(Mann)

  • Problem: Water from the boring is salty so they have to buy drinking water.

o   Solution: Design a cost effective water purifier containing gravels at top then pebbles , then sand and then charcoal, thus giving pure water at the end of the process. Each compartment is detachable.

GROUP3 , Junawada:

  • Problem: While colouring the pots, potters had to bend so posture problem.

o   Solution: Make a small table on which he can keep the pot and do his work.

  • Problem: During kite festival, kite is tied to the pigeon so when kite is cut , it can harm the harm.

o   Solution: Put safety pins to pigeons so that they are not harmed.

GROUP2, Vejalal Pura:

  • Problem: When water in tanks gets overfilled, it may lead to wastage of water.

o   Solution: Install an alarm that rings when all tanks are filled.(Sunil)

  • Problem: For automatic movement of rope making.

o   Solution: Attach the rope to wheel so efforts reduces as they don’t have to pull it suing hands instead can use pedals.(Raju)

GROUP 1, Behrampura:

  • Problem: While cooking , we need to remove the lid again and again to let steam pass.

o   Solution: Cover the utensil on all sides and on top keep a cover with holes for steam to pass.

  • Problem: Houses too small for all members to fit and even their belongings can’t fit.

o   Solution: Design a sleeping –cum storing bag which can be used to store their belongings as well as sleeping .




  • Drawings help get idea put of one’s head. Appreciated everyone’s ideas.
  • Liked the fact that we thought of problems of people while thinking of the solutions. WHY &HOW are important to understand the problem and think of solutions.
  • Appreciated the fact that we thought of lifestyle of different areas. Eg, While designing a product for migrants , we need to design a product which they can easily carry.
  • Liked the idea of Educational watch and Mobile School a lot.
  • We must try to find ideas that are multi functional. Eg. The trolley designed for carrying water vessel can be used for other purpose too.
  • Solutions should not only be designed for an individual but rather a group, eg water filter at the source.
  • Liked the fact that we tried to find the problems by studying the behaviour of people, eg hawkers were standing entire day so it was tiresome for them.
  • Problems covered – health, safety and water. While designing a solution , priority needs of user should be kept in mind.



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