Jun 17, 2014

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Damping the Vibrations

In Santi, one of the major drawbacks faced by the users due to usage of Bullet Santi is the pain in their hands which they suffer from after they reach their homes. The reason for this pain has been the vibrations caused in the vehicle. There are major causes for these vibrations, one of the prominent reasons for these in the latest model of Bullet Santi is the use of Stationary engine.
Stationary engine is not used basically for automobiles. It is used for pumping water in the fields and other such purposes, so the amount of vibrations generated are more as compared to that in a normal automobile engine. This problem can be solved by fixing the engine on the frame firmly by using rubber bushings.
Furthermore, some other reasons also exist for the vibrations which are long unsupported sections and large amount of welding in the frame of vehicle. This reason arises because of the reason that the chassis of the bike is not casted. It is prepared by welding different sections which lack precision and accuracy. It can be prevented by using a chassis prepared by casting and better distribution of weight inside the body.
Several other small reasons also exist which cause vibrations like loose joints and inappropriately fabricated body parts. So we need to deal with all these factors for better stability so Bullet Santi and thus reducing the pain caused in the hands of farmers.

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