Jun 21, 2014

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Day 4@workshop-Engine problem

It was our 4th day at workshop and everyone was excited to ride the Santi, that actually didn’t happen. After reaching workshop, I and Priyash joined other members and started our work. The front brake was not much tight, for that reason we had to remove the front tyre and brake drum to tight it properly. In the meantime, girls reached there along with a new team member,Saurabh. We explained him about our project and the existing problems.

After closing each and every part, I tried to start the santi but it didn’t started. We tried for atleast 3 hrs, but failed to start it. At last, we called a mechanic and told him the problem. He found out that air had been trapped inside the engine & it took him only 4-5 minutes to fix the problem. After that, engine started in one go.  He suggested us to get the accelerator cable fixed, so we bought a new accelerator cable. After fitting the new cable, we were all set to drive the Santi. In few minutes, Adhish along with Hiranmay sir, Chetan sir and honourable Trustee of the college reached there. We briefed them about our progress and modifications that we want to do. They promised us to provide every assitance that they could in solving the problems of Santi. After that, we had a meeting with him in their office where we introduced ourselves and Hiramay sir told them about the whole Summer school. They dropped us at ACPC where we had a meeting with Hiranmay sir regarding the basic requirements of the farmers using Santi. He suggested that basic requirements like first aid kit, shed should be introduced in new models.


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