Jun 9, 2015

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Observations at Field: Hollywood Slums and Vendor’s Community

-By Pranjal Srivastava

Report on final problems

It was a great learning experience to be a part of the amazing journey that motivates me to pen it down.

After interacting with many vendors and street hawkers, visiting the idol- maker community (Hollywood slum), recording those observations, interacting with children and various brainstorming sessions, I was able to surmise three major issues that plague the aforementioned people.



In the idol- making community, the artisans can produce several idols from a single cast. Since, the idols are produced from a common cast, the idols so produced are identical. The idols are then painted, one each at a time in a similar fashion by them.

In this process a lot of time and dye is wasted, which leads to increased costs and less rate of finalized products.



Some vendors cover a large area during the day in order to sell their products to the people. Others, remain stationary at a  marketplace and prefer to conduct their business from that place. In both cases, these method involves a great deal of standing/walking during the day.

Usually, the vendors cannot leave their cart to rest or relieve themselves in this fashion. Moreover, the vendors have to use electricity, obtained by whichever method, at night to illuminate their carts for conducting business, for which they pay from their earnings dearly.



Some vendors usually have a tendency to display/showcase their variety of goods, for which they have to waste a great deal of time to stack locally available box-like structures in a gridlock fashion to set up the display. They again have to dismantle the structure every night after business hours, and this process is repeated everyday.

This leads to a waste of valuable time and energy of such vendors. Also, the rain plays a major role in determining the sales as it causes difficulty in mobility, damage to goods and the footfall of customers.


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