Jun 9, 2015

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Observations at Field: Flower Market

 -By Bhargava Reddy

 DAY 51a1

Date: June 9, 2015

After four days of rigorous field work, group discussions, brainstorming, making flow charts, canons and feedback from teachers finally we have finally decided what problem to work on. Today morning we had individual presentations in presence of Prof Anil.K.Gupta and everyone has presented their views and problems. There were really interesting case works and problems that they want to work on. Prof has shared his views and appreciated everyone and added that he is happy to see what students has observed.


I presented a brief introduction of four days experience and the problems we have observed. I also expressed some views about what I learned from children. Some of the problems are cleanliness in the flower market, cooking on the road side, cutting1a3 of hands for broom makers, high risk of injury while hammering.

Some of the solutions provided by children are very innovative and also impressive. A boy named Deepak gave an idea about the machine built from bicycle design for collecting waste. It was appreciated by Prof Anil and many other intellectuals. A boy named Affan gave an idea about how to use the blank area in to a pit for producing maneuver and bio gas which can be used as fertilizers. He also gave an idea about how to reduce stress for labor carrying loads. He improvised the design and made it more efficiently.

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