Jun 24, 2014

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Search for steering

Today, I along with other team members went to market to purchase a new steering assembly. But after visiting some of the workshops, we dropped our plan of buying new steering because it wasn’t available at that time and ¬†would have taken 2 days to reach us. So,we decided to look for a second hand steering assembly at scrap market which was 15 km away. On the way, we saw mountains of garbage and scrap materials where all garbage of Ahmedabad city is dumped.


Soon,we reached Dani Limbda, the home of scrap market.There were many scrap godowns of various items, but it took some time to find the shop from where we could buy our steering assembly. After waiting for some time at shop we found two 2 assemblies and selected one which was in good condition.We were having no source of carrying that assembly, so we kept it there and decided to purchase it tomorrow.


After that we went for a meeting with Hiranmay sir and Adhish. And gave our work report and discussed various things with them. There we met Jainil Bhatt,MD, I-Cube and discussed about Bullet Santi and its problem.He proposed various modifications that could be done in Bullet Santi to improve its efficiency and promised us to work with us in this project. After our meeting,we went to IIM for the dinner, but after reaching there, we got to know about the fresher’s dance party over there.I really couldn’t resist myself from joining others over there and enjoyed a lot after so many days.

This way one more day of summer school ended. Any suggestions about the steering assembly that could be used in Bullet Santi for a better handling??

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