Jun 25, 2014

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Day 7@workshop-ideas generated

Today we had to purchase the steering assemby and had to install that in Santi, but it didn’t happen. We reached Dani Limbda and collected the steering assembly that we had kept yesterday in the scrap shop. We loaded the parts on our vehicles and proceeded towards the workshop. After reaching there, discussion started about position of steering and how to fix the suspension system of the assembly. For its installation,welding was required, but the welding machine couldn’t be arranged at that time due to some reaons.

After sometime, Jainil sir arrived there and analysed the whole mechanism and components used in Santi. We discussed about various models of Santi and the components used with sir and told him about the existing problems. After hearing all the issues, he advised us not to use the stationary engine that causes a lot of vibration which is a major issue. He gave us the idea of using hollow axle instead of solid one, as it reduces the chance of its breakage and also suggested that chassis should be made of either box channel or C-channel as they are more durable. He suggested that wedge plates could be used for protecting cros from damaging. It’s not possible to eliminate the problems and shortcomings of Santi without analysis, so he advised us to do a CAD analysis of Santi for finding the weight distribution and effects of load on axle. After all this discussion, we got to know about the importance of proper analysis and design of Bullet Santi which would help solve existing problems more efficiently. 


This way one more day of our summer school ended. We are thinking of replacing the stationary engine with that of automobile engine. So,any suggestions that which engine could be used in Bullet Santi for a better efficiency with least vibrations??

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