Jun 26, 2014

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Today,we had to attach the steering by welding it with the chassis, but for this purpose, we had to cut the sleeve in which axle of handle mechanism was held. It took a lot of time in cutting that small portion from the chassis as the welding machine was not of the appropriate size. Due to overheating of the machine, we had  to shut it down again and again. After few hours of hard work, we were able to cut it down. After that priyash and saurabh filed the rough surface for the proper attachment of steering.


After that, faculty of LJ came there and asked us to prepare a proper design before adding anything in this model which could help us in aligning the steering properly according to the driver’s ease. Then after some calculations the steering was mounted on the chassis. We were not sure whether suspension system would be attached properly or not as it was so heavy to weld it on the chassis. Faculty members proposed to make a gear box to reduce the effort while turning and to use the suspension of old handle instead of this heavy suspension. Pranjal also proposed a idea of making the driving easy by using a clutch-brake assembly on same side of Santi such that application of brake automatically presses clutch but application of clutch doesn’t lead to brakes.

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This day ended up with a lot of ideas given by faculty of Lj and our team members. Pranjal decided to introduce the clutch and brake pedal on the same side as discussed above. So, any suggestions regarding this idea..?

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