Jun 30, 2014

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Suspension problem

As soon as we reached the workshop today, we started our work. We mounted the suspension system on frontwheel and attached its lever to the gears of steering just to check if it is working or not. But it was so heavy that direct welding with the chassis wouldn’t hold this and would result in breakage. We asked one of the professor of Lj to give us the idea to solve this problem. He told us that it would be so difficult to attach this heavy suspension and asked us to remove the steering and attach the handle again that we removed.


But, we wanted to check if steering could somehow reduce the effort, so we sticked to our plan. But, on mounting the suspension system properly, an offset was generated which shifted the frontwheel to the right side from steering as it is the steering of the mahindra champion and they are designed to have an offset.


So in order to eliminate this problem, we decided to invert the position of steering that would result in inverted mechanism of steering. That means on turning the steering to the left, the Santi will turn right and vice versa. Since,it is a testing process, thats why we inverted it to check the turning effort. Thats so obvious that this steering could not be used in our Santi. But, if this testing become successful, the new steering for Santi could be designed.

After this, I alongwith Suyash went to SRISTI to discuss it with Chetan sir and Adhish and they told us to examine it carefully. This way one more day ended and tomorrow we will work on attaching suspension with the chassis.

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