Jun 5, 2015

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Children Explores Juhapura Area in Ahmedabad

FIELD VISIT: 5th June (PATTEWADI GAAM, JUHAPURA AREA)                                                         -By Janki Kansara

We, Anamika Mam, Rahul Sir, Neha, I, Biren (photographer) and Dhruvin  ( videographer) along with 5 kids Nliesh, Sanjana, Deepak, Arbaaz, and Kushal  had visited  Jamalpur Area of Ahmedabad where there are slums in a numerous amount. The localites living there are the natives of Nalsarovar Village.

There, the kids interacted with the slum people and the habitants. They told us that they were local labourers (they built houses, buildings, tenaments etc. ) who earned Rs.300 per day after a long day of labour. They have built their huts by themselves. They send their children to the nearby school “GYASPUR PATTHA” for their education. The boys there study till 10th standard and the girls are allowed to study till 7th standard. After that every girl is made to do the household work i.e. No more studies after 7th std. for girls. The boys , after studying till 10th std. helps their father in the labour work and starts the burden full work at the early age of 14-15 years.

The teacher of the school is not very co-operating. They make the child do miscellaneous work apart from studies i.e. tells them to bring vegetables,milk etc. during the school hours itself and if any child disagrees to it then the teacher beats them. A boy named Samir was not studying and on asking the reason his mother told us that the teacher told them that their son was not fit for studying and so she handed them the Leaving Certificate of Samir.  Samir wants to study but due to the teacher’s unwillingness he is not able to study which we thought was very wrong.

The water supply in that area is good. They get water from 7am-1pm.

If the water in their houses is finished then they fetch water from nearby river and the water of the river is pure and drinkable. The women living their experience  severe backpain due to the heavy loads they have to carry from one place to another. The distance of moving  the  load  from one place to other is also very long.

The kids there are very ambitious. One boy named azaruddin wants to be a police. When asked why he wants to be a police he said “I want to serve my country and protect people”.

One major issue in that area is there is no facility for sanitation. They have to walk almost 1 km. to get to the public toilet which is not preferable at night time specially for women. As the roofs are not properly covered, during the rainy season, water comes into their house.


A muslim locality named “MIR” also lives there. The head of the locality told us that he has been making requests to the  municipal corporation for the problems in that area (specifically there are no bathrooms, no water supply in that area). The children are also not taught properly. There is no proper school for the children. Still they are willing to learn. No MLA comes in that area as they consider these people as backward.

At the MIR community, we came across a boy named SALIM who is an excellent singer. He is 17 years old. He is singing since 5 years along with his 2 brothers  SADIK and SADDAM. Salim knows a little English and was able to interact well in English with us. He and his brother Sadik sang 3-4 songs in a beautiful voice and Saddam played a drum at the same




At the pattewadi area, there was electricity in each and every hut.

  • The parents are well aware to educate their children. Mother of Azaruddin told us that she wants her son to progress in studies and contribute towards the wellness of the nation.
  • The people are very warm-hearted and kind. They also offered to share tea with us.
  • Though they are facing all these difficulties and problems they have a very strong will power and they always kept smiling while talking with us.
  • They were very keen to take their photograph with us.



The people are living in very poor condition with almost no electricity, no water and no sanitation facilities.DSCN3101 DSCN3109

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