May 26, 2016

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Design can change the human behavior – By Prof. Anil Gupta

What is mind map?

  • Is a tool to identify the footpath ways of the problem.
  • It helps finding out different roots through which the problem can be attacked.
  • Maps the working of our mind and helps know how the problems can be tackled.
  • The class worked upon one example that they encountered during the visit.

Problem: Use of unconventional stove, that generated lot of smoke making it impossible for the women to enhale.

The Efficiency 13% to 14%

















When people discuss and brainstorm on one issue problem  becomes less complex.
help becomes self-critical wherein one becomes open to other  issues and  broadens the approach to words the problem  collecting helps reflect where one lack either comprehension  of the problem or lack of reading or knowledge content.

A good design solves not just a social problem but also cultural inclusions.

A design should not use social problems beat also cultural  inclusion when your design this of man, woman, small big ,  tall – short, child- adult, so  as to make it bit to every possible  category.

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