Jun 12, 2014

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Design Thinking…

DAY 3, June 12th

Today we attended a design thinking workshop at ACPC building. Our mentors, Adhish and Kaushik guided us through this process of design thinking.

We were first told about the basic difference between design and drawing. We were asked to list a few things that we see lying in our house, but we never use them. One such thing was a wrist watch.

Now-a-days many people don’t refer wearing a wrist watch because their mobile phone suffices the purpose of wearing a wrist watch.

We were divided into groups and asked to do a survey of different age groups of people to take their feedback about wrist watches and what add on features they want in a wrist watch.

We headed towards the streets and luckily outside the building there were street food shops so, we were able to interact with many youngsters present there.

After collecting the required data, we went back and had a discussion about our results with Yash sir, who guided us about the points we need to keep in mind while launching a product in the market.

This activity gave us an insight about what design thinking actually is and will hopefully be useful for our present project –modification of Bullet Santi.

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