Jun 22, 2015

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Designing a foldable cart for mobile vendors

Parth Patel, IET, AU, Pranjal Srivastava, Thapar University, Patiala

Keeping in mind the current scenario of the space crunch that is prevalent in all the major cities of India, especially the metropolitans; there is a serious need of urban equity to be implemented for the mutual harmony of all the stakeholders in the current system. In the daily life of a common vendor, the cart (lari) is an indispensable part of his/her life. It is used for showcasing the goods of a vendor and as a storage place, sometimes doubling up as a place for resting/sleeping. The problems identified in the current cart are: the absence of a proper handle design to hold the cart for maneuvering; absence of any braking system or steering mechanism; the proper storage of carts when not in use, which is the problem we decided to work upon.


After a hard day’s work, the vendors are faced with a limited number of choices;

1. To either park the cart in lodging and pay rent

2. To leave the cart on the side of the road, which is then in probable danger of being impounded by the policemen, for which they have to pay a fine to free the cart

3. To take the cart to their homes where it causes a decrement in the already minimal space

In all three scenarios, the cart is left unused and occupies space which if optimized, can be used more efficiently. This led us to design a cart which when not being used, can be restructured so that its components align in such a fashion that it occupies less space. This feature helps in more no. of carts to be fitted in a limited space and efficient storage of the cart.

The new design draws its analogy from the folding chairs and folding tables and their mechanism. However, the frame of the cart should not deform under heavy load (250-300 kg.) and should maintain stability during turning. The material of the cart should be of adequate stiffness and strength to bear the pressure. The current prototype tries to incorporate all these factors into its design.


(a-Folded)                          Frame of the current prototype                  (b-open)


Problem Statement identified by Summer School Participants-

Problems faced by Mobile Vendors

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