Jun 11, 2014

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discussion leds to innovation….

Day 2,june 11th
As usual the night was cozy and we woke up late in the morning. But as the work load was there we got busy in doing that.Had gujarati breakfast with my colleagues and proceeded for the pdfs and sites. For the net access we went soon to iim and there a trip to NIF was planned. We departed for nif at around 4 pm and that was not too far from iim. There we met mr.Mahesh,chairman GIAN. In these days we were filled with so many doubts as well as ideas about bullet santi which was cleared by him and we were one step ahead in our project. We left in an hr from that place and headed towards ACPC, a centre for student’s projects. There we had a discussion with other specialists in this field and got to learn many more things from them. It was a great discussion till now. With this the session ended with a feeling of doing something for bullet santi. After all this we went to dominoes,subway for exiting dinner and it was really a new experience after a hectic day we spent. Clicked some pics there n ate a lot which drove us to our beds early that night.

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