Jun 11, 2014

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Great minds discuss ideas..

The day marked the beginning of the project “BULLET SANTI”.Today I studied about various automobile components ,thanks to priyash,who helped me a lot in understanding about their functionality.Also studied about various parts used in SANTI and difference between functionality of a tractor and santi.

There are atleast 7 variants of santi and each of them are having components  of different vehicles.It actually caused a lot of perplexity in me.To clear my concepts about Santi,I got an opportunity to meet Mr Manish,chairman,GIAN.Thanx to Hiranmay sir,who organized that meeting.

Mr.Manish presented us the mechanical aspects of santi and the functioning of santi in different terrains.After that knowledgefull meeting,I proceeded towards the ACPC building where the discussion regarding mechanical aspects and standardization of santi started.Many things were going off the top of my head,but somehow I managed and joined the discussion and gave my opinion.

After the discussion,one of our team member,kajal dropped us at IIM in her car and we had our dinner over there in the cafe.The girls did not have dinner with us today as they went to dominos without even informing us,.After completing our dinner ,we headed towards our room.This way one more day of our summer school concluded.

The main part of our discussion today was about standardization of bullet santi,So is it possible to standardize Bullet Santi,If yes,then what are the possible ways..??


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