Jun 18, 2014

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Dismantle bullet-santi

18 June,

After so many days of studying, going to field and making reports and blogs etc. team did some practical work by dismantling the brake system of the Bullet-Santi. In the beginning as we had a plan to attach a steering wheel instead of handle in the santi. We planned that the steering wheel further consist of three different gears connected with each other to decrease the effort required to turn the santi. The idea is theoretically perfect but when we thought about practical ¬†implementation, then a problem came related to the height of the steering wheel. So we dropped that idea and planned to dismantle santi to check which parts are just completed their life and needed to be replaced. Therefore we used workshop of L J college where we got all the required tools and facilities. We opened front brake system and it was fully ruined. Rear breaks were fully rusted and jammed badly so we oiled them and left the brakes for 1 day in lubrication. Also we tested the engine oil and its viscosity. After doing these jobs we planned to buy some spare parts. So tomorrow’s mission is to buy spare parts and do further dismantle work.

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