Jun 18, 2014

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After so many days of studying, going to field and making reports and blogs etc. team got some practical work  to do. At first our Plan was to do a market survey to find out how much it will cost to implement our modifications. But that plan was dropped because the model on which we had to work had many problems so we decided to dismantle it first and make a list which parts need to be replaced and then do the calculations.

At noon we took the Santi to L J College Engineering. In their workshop we started dismantling “Bullet Santi” it was very to do. As all the nuts and bolts were very tight and rusty. We dismantled its wheels and  got its engine oil out as a part of engine servicing.The  braking system of the Santi was in a very poor condition because of  lack in maintenance. We planned that the steering wheel further consist of three different gears connected with each other to decrease the effort required to turn the santi. The idea is theoretically perfect but when we thought about practical  implementation, then a problem came related to the height of the steering wheel. We lubricated few bolts which were not getting off, so that we could undo them tomorrow. hen we all had a debate about replacing the drum brakes by disc brakes, the ideas was dropped when it came to the price comparison. 


DSC_0352[1]          DSC_0358[1]       DSC_0366[1]

Then we had support and guidance of the faculties of the college observed the bike, understood its problems and suggested some ways of improving it. Like using an Dirt Bike’s wheel for the front wheel of Santi as it will make handling easy as it is designed to be used under similar conditions.

 Closing of workshop had approached, so we decided to leave after preparing a list of items and spare parts, we need to buy. So tomorrow’s mission is to buy spare parts and do further dismantle work.

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