Jun 17, 2014

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Draft Control

When all the modern tractors are equipped with draft control, Bullet Santi lags behind all due to absence of this feature. It is a mechanism equipped generally with all tractors with depth control system.
Most the farmers face the consequence of absence of draft control in the system, still they don’t realise it as most of them use stones for applying load on the plough and remove it whenever required. First of all lets understand the use of draft control. In most of the farming applications, a situation arises when the plough or harrow gets stuck in marshy land or due to any big obstacle in the way. This in turn causes load on the axle and finally leads to failure of axle, so here comes draft control in the picture. This mechanism works on the principle of hydraulics. Whenever the attachment gets stuck in any obstacle, this system lifts the attachment from the ground automatically and then again after the obstacle passes by, places it back to its initial position. Thus, all the situations where load arises on the axle of the wheel can be avoided. Furthermore, it reduces the usual practice of mounting and un-mounting of stones on the attachments while its used.
It can prove to be really helpful feature for the farmers because it reduces effort and time and more essentially, it can save the danger of failure of axle.

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