Jun 22, 2015

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Eliminating Child labour and problems in dismantling spray cans

Vaibhav Gupta, IIT Delhi,Akhil Soni, IIT Delhi,Nishant Hooda, CCET, Chandigarh

The problem that our group identified when we visited gyaspur slum was of removing plastic knobs from spray cans by dumpers who collect garbage and then dump off at the dumping site.

Based on the observations and discussion with the people it was observed that they get hand injuries while they dismantle the cans using stones. Also, there is a high possibility of health impacts due to constant exposure to the gases emerging out when the knob separates. Even children were involved in this process, so there is an involvement of child labor as well and eliminating it, are our responsibility.


There was ample amount of brain storming involved. We studied the entire process starting from the collection of cans till the final dismantling of it. We targeted the area where child labor was involved and narrowed down our problem. Further, we started to design our product based on all the suggestions and observations. We proposed three designs and on the various suggestions and feedback’s given by the mentors and the innovators, we finalized on a single idea.Untitled

A fulcrum based device which hammers the cans and the plastic knob separates off. This idea is based on the observations of how the people did this process using the rocks. It is based on the same principle which they apply when they use stones. There is a circular cavity where the can head goes in and then like a slaughter hammer, the user rams down the hammer on the can head. In this way, the can heads get hammered and narrow down in turn leading to the removal of the plastic knob.


Finally, when we completed our prototype we went to the users to take their feedback. They have suggested various changes in the model and we will incorporate it in our product within the next few days.



Problem Statements identified by Summer School Participants-


Problems faced by Children While opening spray cans

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