Jun 21, 2014

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Engine re-tuned….

Day 14: Jun 21

With new days, comes new difficulties. And this day was not so good for us with whatever happened. Excited with last day’s achievement, everyone was excited to ride the bike off-road with the plough and all attachments fitted back. But instead of our Santi, everything else went off-track.

The engine didn’t responded even after continuous trials for almost three hours. By noon, all girls came and there was also a new guy with them Saurabh, all of us welcomed him and I found that we had something in common. He is brother of Manisha Mohan, a friend, a sister and an admirer and essentially a nice girl to spend time with,,, we met for the first time in GYTI Awards and within three days our friendship seemed to increase exponentially. So, I realised that now I had a buddy to take care of and guide. He accompanied us in our problem,, finally, we decided to call a mechanic for this. Two of us quickly went to market and called a local diesel engine mechanic, it took hardly five minutes for him to get the engine going. He suggested us to get the accelerator cable fixed . Pranjal accompanied me and we both dropped him back, and bought a new accelerator cable. Manwhile, Harsh was busy opening the connections of accelerator. As soon as we arrived and fitted the new cable, Adhish suddenly landed to the workshop accompanying Hiranmay Sir, Chetan Sir and the trustee of L J Institutes. We all briefed them about the progress and current problems and we all had a short session regarding this. Hiranmay sir promised us to assign some faculties for getting our problems rectified. We had some coffee in his office and were moved by generosity of such a honourable person. He dropped us to ACPC lab where after discussion with Hiranmay sir, some of the hidden aspects of our analysis were revealed. He suggested very basic requirements like first aid kit, shed to be used in our improved version.

After all such going on in a single day, we all left for IIM for having supper which marked our day’s end.

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