Jun 20, 2014

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Engine recharged….

Day 13: Jun 20

The pending jobs of previous day marked the beginning of the day. Early morning we left for our workshop with girls also accompanying us. We headed towards market for purchasing all stuff required. First of all the brake liners and brake drums were fitted back to their positions with the wheels also. The job initially seemed quite easy , but soon each of the member realised the difficulty and the labour it takes to fit even a single screw when such a high weight is lying besides. Then the clutch wire was also fitted nicely. After this , we headed towards the most important job of the day,, the flushing of engine. It was necessary because the engine which was used in our model was very old, a lot of slag and rust must have been present in it. Initially the oil was emptied, then with the help of water hose, we cleaned the engine. After some time when the engine dried, air was passed through the engine using air blower. It seemed as if all that which was remaining , the engine spitted. After the process of cleaning completed, we filled the engine back with oil and also fitted the air filter. Now the engine was ready to be ignited,, so by using the rope we first compressed the engine and then tried to start it. After a long interval and enormous number of efforts, finally it started and everyone was joyful for their success.  In spite of being a small achievement, everyone felt proud because it was a result of combined efforts. After this, everyone returned back to city and late in the evening, Adhish met us in our hostel and assigned some jobs to be completed by tomorrow’s morning. So the night seemed really long with all the work that was given to us but at last what I felt was a feeling of achievement with the whole day’s proceedings.

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