Jun 13, 2014

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exited to see bullet santi…..

day 4, 13th june

Woke up early as a trip to Amrapur was planned but still got late by 1 hour , so the that started with a lecture by chetan sir. Then after having lunch we departed for gandhinagar. It took around 2 hrs to reach there but we enjoyed the trip as the weather was good. There we saw our bullet santi standing outside the NIF office. We had a discussion with Mr. Vipin Kumar, CIO of NIF.


We told him our ideas out of which some were rejected and some was considered. Some of my collegues drove santi on the field which was actually thrilling. They really showed guts but on the other side enjoyed a lot.


After this experience we discussed the problems faced in driving santi and explored some new modifications. We stay there for 4  to 5 hrs,clicked some pics and then went back to ahemdabad. After reaching there we came to know that we had a lot of time so we planned to go to Sabarmati river front.


That was actually an awesome place to visit and we clicked a lots of photos there. Were tired a lot so retired to bed after completing all the works.


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