Jun 25, 2014

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Expert analysis of Santi….

Day 18: Jun 25

Today, we were supposed to purchase the conditioned handling mechanism of Atul Shakti and fit it in the bullet by evening, but the luck wasn’t on our side today. All reached at the decided time to Dani Limbda and as soon as we reached, all headed towards the shop of scrap dealer where after about an hour of negotiation, Aaqib could bargain for some amount only. Quickly we loaded the two parts on our vehicles and carried it to our workshop. Now it was time to decide how and where to fit the shaft of steering and how to fix the suspension system to the chassis of bike. We decided to cut-off the older shaft welded on frame and weld the shaft of new steering, but for this we needed grinder or welding gun. Also, we had to get many other parts welded,,, so Aaqib and Pranjal planned to take help of the person of their college who dealt with all welding purposes. But he delayed us by almost an hour and also he had no keys of the safe.


When all this was going on, Jainil sir arrived to workshop and quickly started analyzing the Santi, first of all he saw the coupling joining front drive and differential about which we had discussed last evening, he said that regular maintenance was the only solution for avoiding failure of axis. He also saw the suspension system that we had bought, he suggested to refill the absorbers for better functioning. After hearing all the issues he declared that Bullet diesel engine cannot be used in Santi according to the requirements of farmers, instead engines of Mahindra Champion and Vikram can be used. He also advised to strictly avoid use of stationary engines in Santi which most of the fabricators are using presently because vibrations caused by them cannot be damped to larger extent. Also, two wheels at small gap or a wider wheel can be used instead for better handling and wedge plates could have been used for protecting the crops from damage. Hollow axle should be used instead of solid one and chassis should be made of either box channel or C- channel as they are most durable. There is a great need for CAD analysis of Bullet for analysing the weight distribution and effects of load on the axle, without analysis it would be very hard to eliminate the shortcomings of our Bullet Santi. So, it provoked a question in our minds that whether reconstructing the Bullet Santi without CAD analysis will be helpful or not. Tomorrow we are planning to finish all the fabrication work by evening if everything goes smoothly.

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