Jun 22, 2014

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Field Observation

1)      application:

Used for many agricultural process viz. inter-culturing, weeding and ploughing.

2)      Seasonal:

Used only for a particular season of year.

3)      Heavy:

Body of Santi is heavy and bulky which increases weight.

4)      Physical power and ergonomic factors:

A lot of physical power is required to operate Santi which even causes strain on body parts.

5)      rTurning: Wide

Handling is very stiff and it is difficult to bend the vehicle in the desired direction.

6)      Smoothness and vibaration:

Handling is not smooth and the whole engine causes vibration.

7)      Assembly:

Whole of the assemblage is of second hand parts taken from scrap.

8)      Variations:

Various model of Santi are present. Different fabricators make different models. There pros and cons are debatable among themselves.

9)      Heuristics:

No calculations involved they have developed their own thumb rules.

10)   Reuse:

Everything is taken from scrap so all old parts find a new application.

11)   Confined zone:

Santi is used only in particular area for a particular crop.

12)   Four/three wheel:

Both the three wheels and four wheel models are present.IMG_20140622_211427

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