Jun 13, 2014

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Field trip to Grambharti

Today we met Mr. Mahesh Patel, Head of GIAN (Grassroot Innovation Augmentation network) at NIF. He has been connected to this project from the very beginning hence he was the right person to discuss our proposals for improvisation in the model.

One of our agenda was to work on the standardization of Bullet Santi which means that all fabricators will use the same parts. The process of standardization will be very helpful for legalization of Santi. As now, due to use of second hand parts in fabrication and its 32 inch axle, RTO (regional transport office) do not permits Santi.

He also explained the point of view of a fabricator, his problem areas and expectations. He gave a presentation on Santi and shared his knowledge on it.

Later we discussed our ideas and areas where modifications can be done.


Today we got our first opportunity to observe Bullet Santi in front of us. We visited a nearby place named Grambharti. We also met CIO of NIF Mr. Vipin Kumar and Mukeshbhai.

Mr. Vipin gave us his opinion to work on 3 wheel model because this machine is better than tractors for inter culturing of BT Cotton and groundnut also because farmers are more acquainted with three wheel model hence they are not willing to accept the four wheel model. The four wheel models also increases the cost of Santi thus making its cost comparable to Tractor which decreases its need.

After talking to Mr. Vipin we started our discussion on technical aspects of Bullet Santi with Mukeshbhai. He told us about the basic problems faced by the farmers. Major issues were initial starting problem,handling problem,need of high strength to turn the handle,regular back pain etc. He then demonstrated how to start bullet Santi and also drove the vehicle.

Three of other interns tried to drive Santi. The problem that everyone faced was of handling. We noted down other problems and discussed on the possible solution.




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