Jun 26, 2015

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Field Visit to Gather Information and Requirements for Education Mobile App

Sagar Karira, Sahil Badyal, Himanshu Singh, Akshendra Pratap, Divyanshu Maithaini, Shashi Kumar, Devesh Rohan


Some members of our team (Sagar , Sahil and Himanshu ) did a field visitĀ  to local college and school .Since summer vacations were approaching and many schools had already closed, we could only get permission to visit these two institutions.

The primary aim of the field visit was –

  • To gather requirements for our education portal
  • To check the mindset of school and college students.
  • To find the potential users of our application .

Firstly we talk to the bunch of students of 10th and 11th standards.Here are the few things they told us :

  • Most of them were smart phone users , which is good . That means they will be able access the application .
  • Now the question was why would school students use it ? Our application focuses on creating and downloading courses . Most of the students said that they only study from the books as prescribed by the teachersĀ  . They were only restricted to only those books .
  • Students preparing for competitive examinations like JEE , BITSAT etc were interested in downloading materials of similar content from the app.
  • Many students are used to NCERT books which would be made available in the app categorized in terms of class , subjects and language .

Himanshu and Sagar discussing with the Gurukul Public School Students

Also, we had the chance to talk to their IT teacher Mr. Ashwani Kumar who gave us the idea that the most important feature of this app will be its forum, where the students and teachers will be interacting and sharing their knowledge.He said that its a great idea to combine technology with education as both are inseparable.

Talk with Ashwani Kumar

Sagar and Himanshu talking to Mr. Ashwani Kumar (IT Lecturer)

After visiting Gurukul Pukblic School we went to a local degree college . There we talked to bunch of BCA sudents . They really liked the idea of our app and appreciated it . They mentioned they would like to see Sample Paper according to subjects and colleges. We will be implementing this feature in the next version .


Sahil , Sagar and Himanshu at a local degree college with a couple of BCA students


Conclusion – We think that this app can be a sure success once all of its features are functional but primarily its forum and its localization.Another observation was that this app will be more used by undergraduate/college students as they have no restrictions in using Mobiles in the campus.

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