May 31, 2016

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Field Visit: Seed Dribbler


Report : Seed Dribbler


Field visit o28th May’16

We started from Ahmedabad  to Grambharti Aashram for the visit.We got the list of four farmers as given by Mukesh bhai. We had a conversation  with:

1)      Location: Alwa

Person Name: Desai Vipul/Bharat Desai


Ques: What kind of device you use for the seed plantation ?

Ans: We don’t use any specific machine for seed dibbling we use manual method for it.

Ques: How many labour,of what age group,and gender participates in the process:

Ans:-5 labour per day,   3-4 hectares land,21-35 years aof age group and both the gender are involved in it.

Ques: Approx how many seeds are used for one row of seed plantation ?

Ans: 450 grams of seeds are used (Cotton and diveala plantation)

Qus: What is the spacing between two consecutive plants,dept ?

Ans: one foot and      depth :one and half inches.(Cotton)

Four foot spacing and one finger dept.(Diveala)

Ques: What is the soil type they use for farming ?

Ans: Sticky soil and dry soil and usually black soil.



And then we showed the seed dibbler and the reviews for it was:

1)      Heavy weight

2)      No distance maintenance(improper spacing)

3)      No adjustable depth

4)      Cannot be used for cotton seeds

5)      No height adjustable

6)      Not easily transportable

7)      Force required is more


Then again the expectation of them toward this machine was asked:

Ques: What cost can you afford for this machine?

Ans: 2k-3k rupee

Ques: Which type of device do you expect from us?

Ans: Ready to use and not complex,supporting multiple crop,one seed at a time


Then we argued them about the crop production and other aspect:

Ques:What are the aspects of crop destruction in your field?

Ans: Birds eats the seed,termits destroy them,seed quality sometimes don’t come that good.

Ques: What is your approx. production?

Ans: 335 Kg for 20 Kg of seed

Ques: What is the mode of irrigation used ?

Ans: Motor power irrigation,they don’t use drip irrigation

Ques: What is the method of ploughing and which type of fertilizer is used?

Ans: Cattle ploughing is used and urea,ifco fertilizer is used

Ques: From where the seeds are taken and what category of seeds are used?

Ans: Agra Block and hybrid category is used.

Ques: What are type of method of plantation for different crop ?

Ans: Wheat is planted in the centre and cotton is planted at the side of the canal


Location : Amarapur

Meet: Rathode Pravin


Ques; What kind of farming is done in there farm?

Ans: Cotton ,bajra,Jawar,Maze.

Ques: What is the mode of farming?

Ans: Use tracrtor or cattle(Not interested in seed dibbler_)

Ques: What type of cropping do they use?

Ans: Multicroping(Cotton and pulses)

Ques:What are the types of seeds used(company and quality)?

Ans: Hybrid seed used ( Gujrat Khaad)

Ques: What are the problem in using tractor during farming for seed dibbling ?

Ans: No problem seeds do not break(Faster is the tractor faster is the farming)

Ques: Approximate production ,loss  in production and the reason of loss?

Ans:95% production and 5 % loss due to birds

Ques: What is the quantity of seeds used for planting?

Ans: 40 Kg in one acers,50 Kg fertilizer along with seed


On 29th May’16

Person: bhavesh Bhai

Location: NIF Field

The prototype provided by NIF was tested in his field and suggestion were asked for it

IMG_4852 IMG_4849IMG_4842 IMG_4840


s2 s3 s4IMG_4833 IMG_4826IMG_4825

The soil was tested and the observation made was:

1)      Soil was loose with very less moisture content

2)      Sandy soil

We had a conversation with Bhavesh Bhai:

He showed us the seed sample of PigeonP ,Wheat,Gram,Cotton and rice.

Different method of sowing was asked for different crop:

He told rice,wheat are spread randomly throughout the field

Gram pulses and cotton are sowed one by one systematically with proper spacing.

The we asked him about the soil type of that region:

Answer was they have clay soil,dry soil ,rough soil.

Ques: what are type of irrigation they prefer in their farm?

Ans: as their farm is provided to them by  NIF therefore they prefer different type of irrigation methods depending on the type of crop like dip irrigation canal irrigation etc

Ques: are the farmers here willing to use any machine if we provide to them and what will be the affordable price for them.

Ans : Farmers are rich here price is not that big concern for them only requirement is the machine should be efficient and can be used for multiple cropping.He told thatb if the cost is 2-2.5k its acceptable.

Ques: What would be the appropriate seed spacing for different crop ?

Ans: 30 -60 cm for brinjal,tomato and wheat,pulses,rice

60 cm for cotton

30 cm for lady finger

Ques: What should be appropriate dept ?

Ans: 1 to 1.5 inches is appropriate for every plant.

Ques: What kind of labour work over there?

Ans:18 years above age group,male and fem?ale both participate in the activity.

Ques: What is the type of terrain over there?

Ans: Flat terrain is there not much slope is found over here.

Ques: Do farmer here prefer multi cropping?

Ans: Yes farmer prefer it they usually sow to kind of crop.They told us that seed and fertilizer should go in a ratio 1:5 during sowing time.

Ques: What is the maximum number of seed that would be sown at a time?

Ans: Max to max 2 number of seed.

Ques: Which type of machine would they prefer?

Ans: Light weight(approx. 5 Kg),multi tasking and efficient ,easily transportable.

Ques: What is the crop production rate?

Ans: For 20 Kg of seed 70-80 Quintal of production.

Ques: What is the kind of fertilizer they use?

Ans: DAP fertilizer along with seed sowing and urea after sowing after germination starts.

Ques: What would be the best method of fertilization?

Ans: Using organic fertilizer

Ques: What are the reason of crop destruction?

Ans: Birds eat plants,seed are not of good quality,large used of chemical fertilizer,problem of neel gai.

Then we had a meeting with Dr Naushad.

IMG_4858 IMG_4859

The conversation with him is as follow:

Audio recording of the person was:

Important points told by Dr.Naushad:

1)      Machine should be multi tasking

2)      Seeds should be dribbled along with fertilizer

3)      It should work for different kind of seed

4)      Seeds rate should be changed

5)      While designing please focus on one type of crop only

6)      As the soil type changes from region to region so the machine should maintain itself in different region

7)      Cost of previous prototype was: 1200 Rs.

8)      Digger point should be of different sizes and is adjustable.

9)      We should perform variety test and validation test.

10)  Fertilizer amount should be changed along with seed type

11)  Seed spacing should be variable

Then he told us suggestion regarding effective machine:

  • It should consume less time
  • Seed spacing should be perfect
  • Both discontinuous and continuous working should be there in the machine
  • People are amuzed by manual seed dibbler
  • Multi cropping problem should not be there
  • Farmer use homogenous and hetrogenous type of seed
  • Seed should not fall before digging
  • It should support different type of soil
  • It should be handy

Then he told us about the different types of fertilizer used:

  • Risobium along with seed
  • Urea after germination
  • Organic fertilizer eg: cowdung
  • FYM + chemical
  • Pesticides at an gap of 6 month
  • Vermicompost bio fertilizer.








28th may field visit gram bharti amrapur gandhinagar

Met mukesh chauhan from NIF who gave us names of some farmers

Went to aluva where we met farmers vipul deshai and bharat deshai:They said they dont use any device like seed dribbler when we showed them the previous prototype.They sow seeds manually which results in many health issues like shoulder ache and pain in hands They have 4-5 labourers who sow 3-4 hectres each day.They sow 1packet of 450 grams to complete a row. They practice cotton and divala farming. Cotton seed:depth is finger deep, distance 1 foot Divala: depth 1 finger,distance 4 feet. They said their soil is sticky

Looking and using the previos prototype they said it was heavy and maintaining seed distance would be a problem. They told us that they could afford a seed dribbler within the range 2-3thousand and were ready to use such a machine.They had both women and men labour within the age group 21 to 35 yrs. Performed multicropping of cotton, divala and wheat. Sowed one seed at a time.They preferred discontinuos dribbler for cotton and continuous for wheat. They earn 20 to 25thousand per year. They said that cotton seeds are sown along the sides of a channel with water sprinkling in between while wheat is sown between. Use power motor for irrigation and dont use drip irrigation due to problem of blockage. Use urea as fertilizer after sowing of seeds is complete. Get seeds from IFFCO and vikram paanch and ankur jaibhitti. Then we met Rathod parhin from amrapur who used a tractor for sowing seeds..looking at the previous prototype he said that it was of no use to him and time consuming when compared to his tractor..we tried to take some feed back from him..he performed multicropping of cottn jawar bajra maze..and said that tractor can perform the task of putting fertilizers as well as seed sowing.

29th may 2016 field visit 2

Bhavesh Dhrangi

Went to Bhavesh bhai’s field to test the previously made prototype and had a conversation with bhavesh bhai to know his opinion.The soil was lose and had less moisture. Collected seeds of wheat, grams , cotton, pigeon pea from him. Said that rice grains are sown only with hands and no seed dribbler is required. Different soil types are preset in his village- rough dry sticky. Both drip and open irrigation is used He said more efficient the machine is the cost won’t be a barrier. For cotton 30 cm is seed space and 1.5 feet depth For lady finger 30 cm is seed space and 1.5 feet depth. Above 18 yrs old labourers work ,educated children

don’t come into farming. Both male and female workers work in the farms .Mostly use two crops for multicropping He suggested that seeds and fertizers should go together while dribbling.DAP fertilizer is used. with two seeds 5-6 fertilizer grains should be sown .Dribbler should be light in weight. Weight limit should be 5 kg. With 20 kg seeds 70 to 80 quintal production is obtained. Best method is organic farming although the crop production is slow as compared to farming with fertilizers Destruction of crops by wild buffaloes is a problem.

Dr. Naushad

He suggested that the seed dribbler should be perform multitasking like fertilizer should be put along with the seeds inorder to attract the farmers. He suggested that the previously made manual seed dribblers were a failure because there was no perfection in planting the no. Of seeds. The seed rate used to change which could be observed after germination. He said that we have to check out for errors to know after what interval the seed rate changes. Soil types change in different areas. Previously made prototypes were sold for Rs.1200

Digger/pointer should be of different sizes. More weight should be downwards for easy digging. Fertilizer amount changes with different seed types. He suggested us to design a dribbler for one particular crop depending on the size of seed such that the seed rate should not change. He told us to look out for a crop for which the dribbler has not yet been designed, to look out for its positive and negative factors and then go

for multicropping. He suggested to go ahead with the crops like maize,soyabean,groundnut,cotton. He suggested to design the seed dribbler depenging on the area. Before sowing of seeds ploughing is already done in most of the areas. He said we should make farmers understand the difference in using the manual seed dribbler.






















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