Jun 13, 2014

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First field trip.. !!

Day 4, 13 june ’14 ;

Today, I woke up excited as we had a trip planned to Grambharti. As usual, we were late. We reached Sristi office and had to listen a lecture from Chetan sir. After some apologies we left for the village.

It was too hot but still everybody was excited to see bullet santi and specially drive it. We reached the destination. We first reached NIF office and interacted with Dr. Vipin Kumar CIO, NIF. He discussed some basic aspects and problems coming in the use of the machine. After this discussion we checked the technical aspects and asked some problems from Mukeshbhai who had practical experience with the machine. He told about the basic problems faced by the farmers.DSC07589

After further discussions finally Aman drove the vehicle. It was really hard to handle it as it was too heavy. He almost crashed. Then, it was Priyash who tried the same and his experience was also kind of same. After that many people drove the santi. Everybody found the handling part difficult.

After driving all team members gathered and discussed the problems and their solutions. Then, we left for Ahmedabad. Everybody was tired.We listened to songs and felt a little relieved. We had our dinner at McDonalds.

It was not too late so we requested Adhish to let us go and steal some moments of enjoyment. After many requests he finally said yes. We went to Sabarmati riverfront. It started raining. The riverfront was beautifull. We clicked many pictures.


Then we came back to our rooms and slept. The day was tiring but good .. J

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