Jun 11, 2014

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First visit to NIF and ACPC…

Day 2: 11 June’14

I woke up, got ready and headed towards IIM. There I was supposed to read all I could about Bullet Santi, parts of a vehicle, NIF etc. It was nice gaining knowledge about topics of different field.

After the lunch, the team met Mr. Hiranmay Mahanta. Then, we went to NIF office. There we had a meeting with Mr. Mahesh, Chairman, GIAN . We gave our inputs and ideas. There were counter questions. The long discussion finally ended and we were taken to ACPC. In the meeting at ACPC, the topic of concern was how to standardize the vehicle. Also, the problems, their solutions and expected improvements were discussed. The meeting ended late and we went for dinner. For a change, dinner was good…We went to our rooms, finished the pending work and slept….

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