Jun 9, 2015

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Observations at Field: Makarba and Fatewadi

 -By Nikhil Gehlot

 Abstract for the three days summer school 2015

The  first three days of summer innovation school was completely about the learning some lessons from the kids ; The way they observe , the way they think and the way they propagate the ideas . We were taken to the two place ‘Makarba’ and ‘Fatewadi ’ ,  the place where potters make their different products . The different things were observed by different people in different ways . The next two days there were some workshops and seminars by the best design faculty and mentors; Prof. Anil Gupta , IIM –A, Kate Bissett Johnson, Swinburne University of Technology , Prof Shashank Mehta , NID ,Prof Rashmi Korjan NID and some lectures by the organisers.


The summarisation of  what , I learn is; “ What to see and ask  ? ” , “ How to see and ask ? ” ,  “Where to look ? ” and then finding the only the problems without thinking about the solution to it. I noticed so many problems from different point of view and prepare the presentation according to my problems


The three problems , I observed


1-      Expensive Machinery for  making the diya and other products

2-      Lack of branding and product portfolio

3-      Difference between the actual cost price and selling price in the market and on E-commerce.

1-      The problem on which I want to work is to give them more ideas for their product portfolio and the  device that , I have designed for the labours and the  farmers to carry the load ie.“Equitwin multi load frame”



2) To improve the product portfolio


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